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Deptford Bridge, London

10 December 2005 - 22 January 2006


New lens-based work by:

Amanda Beech - Julie Henry - Mark Ingham - Alison Jones - Jaspar Joseph-Lester
Nayan Kulkarni - Mike Marshall - Jasone Miranda Bilbao - Giles Perry

Curated by:
Amanda Beech - Jaspar Joseph-Lester - Matthew Poole

"Episodes" are displaced moments - slices of narrative - sequences and instances that are isolated from, stand apart from, and are de-contextualized from a coherent whole. But "episodes" reach out to the universal - something outside. They call upon a totalized narrative without evidencing its existence - a piece of the real. And knowing that "episodes" are singular, self-contained and fabricated inventions does not prevent us from being enthralled, immersed and moved by the power of such fictions.

The selected artworks included video projections, monitor-based works, lens-assisted painting, and photographs, all of which subject the audience to the pleasures of disorientation of sensory, immersive and rhetorical devices. They produce iconographic and dramatic visual and aural experiences, through entangling documentary with drama, realism with the sensory, and austerity with conviction. They openly expose themselves as fabricated constructs. They carry you away, shift you around, or demand your collusion.

Through the exhibition we explored the pleasure, power and sensory extravagance of the delivery of images that propose themselves as fictions or facts. Rather than identify truth as being behind or beyond images, we analyse the politics of belief in images.

The exhibition was set within a simple but dynamic installation of floating white laminated screens that encouraged and guided as well as inhibited the audience's movement around the gallery space.

EPISODE was supported by Sheffield Hallam University, Leeds Met Gallery, NK Projects, Portsmouth University, and The Spanish Embassy in London.

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Short Tour of Exhibition

Dope Beats

EP London Julie

Grand Canal

The Cold 6 Thousand

X by Julie Henry